Call Center Development for Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange

SGCi has examined the issues managers will face in meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act Exchange Call Center work groups. The ACA defines requirements for a “no wrong door” policy for each health care consumer. The ACA documentation lays out requirements for states to provide multiple access capabilities for health care exchange sign-up. We have developed a white paper that defines the issues and various approaches managers have to meet the requirements. Download ACA Insurance Exchange Call Center Whitepaper.

This document defines a high- level process for the development of call and non-call work estimates, technology needs, and cost benefit analysis.

The document defines the keys to successful implementation of call center operations;

  • Define call center work
  • Estimate call center resources
  • Define call center technology needs
  • Complete call center cost benefit analysis
  • Plan call center project
  • Execute call center project plan

The most critical decision is whether or not to utilize an experience call center consultant to support this effort.