Improve Call Center Team Effectiveness and Satisfaction

Call Center Management improvement

A major resource to create sustained quality in a contact center is the management team. SGCi provides an integrated approach to the creation of a knowledgeable and efficient management team. We utilize a combination of adult learning techniques and experiential learning to deliver effective management improvement experiences. Our courses include the following:

  • Management Discussion Skills: This course provides managers with the skills required to handle agent performance discussions and customer conversations.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: This course provides managers with the critical thinking and decision-making skills required in today‚Äôs active contact center environments.
  • Total Call Center Management: This course is a comprehensive contact center learning experience. It teaches the principles of work force management and call center disciplines and defines what managers must do to manage incoming call volumes.

SGCi also focuses on management improvement by conducting management job analysis and the implementation of new management job designs. We accomplish this through the use of work surveys, observations, and interviews. The resulting job designs allow managers to ensure that management time and resources are focused on critical management goals.

Call Center Agent training

Satisfied and motivated agents are integral to successful contact center operations. SGCi facilitates the creation of an effective agent team through educational experiences. Our agent curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Agent Discussion Skills: This course provides call-takers with the skills required to conduct effective call conversations. The course includes training in questioning skills, listening skills, call management, overcoming difficult caller situations, and call flow. The course teaches the techniques required to ensure initial call problem resolution.
  • Agent Problem-solving: This half-day workshop is designed to provide real-time decision-making and critical thinking skills needed for initial call problem resolution.
  • Understanding Contact Center Operations for Agents: This half-day course introduces agents to the principles of contact center operations. Agents perform at higher levels when they understand operational goals and objectives. This course provides an understanding of the principles and issues faced in the operation of contact centers.