Call Center Technology

Get the Most Out of Call Center Technology

The key to technology selection is to develop an in-depth of the impact that new technology will have on your operation. The first step is to clearly define what you need the technology to accomplish for customers, agents, and managers. To accomplish this, SGCi will help you to complete a complete needs analysis to develop your system requirements and the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. The next step in our process is the creation of a systems design and implementation roadmap document. This management document defines how the new technology will be integrated into the operating environment. It includes work process re-design and engineering; measurements; changes to operational processes and procedures; changes to management and agent job design; customer impacts; and call flow impacts, expected call activity impacts, changes to transaction length and volume, impact types of transactions, and much more.

Call Center Work Process Integration

SGCi recognizes that the key to the successful implementation of contact center technology is the integration of work processes and system features/functionality. Typically, we see managers focus on the purchase and implementation of new technology as the solution to critical contact center issues. However, the key to success often is work process design, changes to methods and procedures, and measurement redesign. SGCi facilitates successful technology integration by addressing the full contact center job.

Contact Center Technology Test Plan

SGCi has developed complex test plans for many types of technology projects. These include new ACD systems; VOIP; network pressure testing; agent set testing; feature functionality verification; new work process testing; and pre-cut testing.

Measure Call Center Success

One of the key failures we see managers make when implementing new technology is failing to properly measure to see whether the expected gains and benefits actually occur. SGCi will help you create measurements to confirm success and ensure sustained success.

Call Center Cost Benefit Analysis

SGCi’s callcenterGeniusTM Cost Benefit Analysis Tool facilitates the analysis of the financial impact that new technology can have on your operation. This management tool allows you to conduct an analysis of technology, large team design, and other operational changes utilizing Erlang C and other mathematical models.

Call Center Project Management

SGCi are experts in complex project management. We utilize our proprietary callcenterGeniusTM Project Management Process as the foundation of our project management process. We believe that communication is integral to successful project management, and our process includes a comprehensive communication plan. We have developed a unique process for process step definition and utilize Microsoft Project and Omni Grapple project tracking tools to manage the process. SGCi consultants are Six Sigma Black Belts and Certified Project Managers. We have handled everything from 20-agent VOIP implementations to large-team projects of 5000 agents in 5 states. We have worked projects across the USA and in Brazil; London; Milan, Italy; Amsterdam; Hong Kong; Canada; Jamaica; and Colombia. SGCi project management is always on time and on budget, and all team members remain informed throughout the process.