Call Center Performance Analysis and Improvement

callcenterGeniusTM Contact Center Operations Review

The SGCi Operations Review results in an extensive analysis document that contains recommendations for immediate changes that will lead to improvements in operational procedures, work flows, technology use, job designs, and measurements. We utilize our proven studies, surveys, work observation, and statistical analysis capabilities to conduct a comprehensive examination of your operational environment. The callcenterGeniusTM Operations Review provides you with the information you need to manage your operation into the future.

Contact Center Strategic Plan Development

The SGCi performs a point-by-point analysis of contact center operations to produce an all-inclusive roadmap to sustained successful performance. The completed document includes a resource management plan and an analysis of business goals and objectives and their impact on organizational behavior; a comprehensive operations analysis; recommendations for changes to operational procedures and structure; a work analysis; a point of failure analysis; and all supporting data. During the development of the strategic operations plan, we utilize many of our proven management tools to collect data and to assist in performance analysis.

Call Center Statistical Analysis

SGCi specializes in contact center work statistics analysis. We build statistical models of incoming call activity and non-call work activity to use as the basis for staff resource estimation and future work and staff resource forecasting. We utilize Erlang C, skill set models, and call simulation models to analyze work volumes and dynamics. Our work and staff estimates provide the level of accuracy required for effective decision-making and planning. SGCi also provides a management measurement design using our Call Center ClearStatZ best practices model and our InTELEgentTM Call Center Heads-up Matrix to develop actionable, ongoing intelligence on work process performance, the performance of existing and new technology solutions, agent performance, and work flow. We utilize performance and other critical data to analyze new technological solutions using our Microsoft Excel-based callcenterGeniusTM Cost Benefit Analysis Tool. We provide a clear measurement model for agents in our callcenterGeniusTM Agent Report Card. This management tool provides a methodology for measurement of the complete agent job.